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 I don't list older 13XX pump forearms, only the current Crosman Custom Shop & P13XX style.

 The no-wobble model 1399 shoulder stock has a felt pad inside that keeps it mounted straight and tight. This is an upgrade that I add. These fit all versions of the 1377, 1322, 2289, 2240, 2250, 2300T, 2300S, 2300KT, 2400KT, 1300KT, Marauder Pistol and similar guns. It's the standard stock on 2250B, Crosman Custom Shop and Marauder Pistol models.

 The 22XX forearm, barrel band and forearm mounting bracket are Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT parts. They are also original on the 2250. They will fit 2260 if you convert to a pistol trigger group. The forearm mounts to the barrel band and bracket with two forearm mounting screws. The bracket mounts to the front of the trigger frame, the frame screw goes through the larger hole in the bracket. That screw needs to be 7/16" long, the standard length of an original front trigger frame screw. All of these screws can be selected in the STANDARD CROSMAN SCREWS listing.

 The 13XX forearm is the newer style that mounts to the pump lever with screws instead of pins. The lever has threaded holes for the screws. These parts are standard on the P1377, P1322 and Crosman Custom Shop 1300KT. They are a perfect fit for all versions of the 1377, 1322, 2289G Backpacker and PC77. This forearm matches the black stock and I have 1701-P pistol grips in a separate listing that also match well.

 The screws for mounting this forearm have a head on them. They will damage the forearm if over-tightened. I don't list the original screws but do include upgrades in the custom screw kits for 13XX.

 The forearm fits with the original roll pin. Aftermarket solid pins that have a thicker head or fastener will hit the pointed front tip of the forearm. It is very easy to cut the forearm back to allow clearance for those types of pins. Clipping the points shorter with wire cutters works well, then they can easily be sanded or filed for a finished look. The forearm in photos 8 and 9 is modified in this way. In the last photo you can see a vinyl bumper sleeve installed on the lever. I have those sleeves listed in the CUSTOM & UPGRADE PARTS category.