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 These striker springs are interchangeable with all 13XX and 22XX models and can be very effective for changing performance characteristics.

 The SHORT DISCOVERY SPRING is the newest version for that model. It's 1-5/8" long and .043 wire diameter. It's stiffer than the LONG DISCOVERY SPRING which is 2-1/4" long and .033 wire diameter. Both produce around the same overall power but the shorter spring has a longer and better balanced shot count. The longer version is becoming obsolete and will often be out of stock.

 The Discovery springs are commonly used to boost the power of 13XX and 22XX models. A power adjuster is recommended, this allows you to fine-tune spring tension for the best balance of performance, accuracy and efficiency.

 The 22XX SPRING has a wider range of adjustment than the 13XX version when used with a power adjuster. This is because 22XX version is smaller wire diameter and has fewer coils. The 13XX SPRING is a little stronger when used without an adjuster. The 22XX spring is 2" long and .031 wire diameter. The 13XX is 2" long and .034 wire diameter.

 2300T and 2300S have a lighter spring I don't stock. With a Magnum Adjuster the 22XX spring works best for these models allowing a much wider power range.

 The more striker spring tension you have the harder it becomes to pull back the bolt. It will pull back easier with your finger hooked around the front of the handle close to the breech. It usually works the smoothest when done in one quick motion.