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 This .177 Maximus has all of the upgrades I sell for that model and is tuned for top performance. The hardwood Discovery stock fits perfectly and is absolutely stable compared to a standard plastic stock which tends to flex and loosen. The 26" barrel has a deburred and polished crown, transfer port and leade. This produces easier loading and improved accuracy. The custom aluminum trigger kit eliminates unnecessary travel and lightens pull. The trigger pull is 1.75 lbs at the current striker spring tension. The compact power adjuster and extra-heavy striker spring are set six full turns back from full power. This produces a very well balanced power curve starting at 2300-2400 PSI. The adjuster can be set for maximum power, shot count or any level of performance in between. The valve has a Marauder stem with rounded edges and a custom spring that opens easier, smoother and more consistent. The upgrade valve screws are safe for up to 2400 PSI. It has a wide-bore gauge port, this increases air supply to the valve and air volume in the tube. It has a short fill adapter, this also increases air volume in the tube. The pressure gauge reads up to 3500 PSI. All of these upgrades produce a very powerful, accurate rifle with an excellent shot count. The barrel is not the threaded version. The ported muzzle brake is a nice finishing touch, it's anodized aluminum.

 At full power it produces 1125 FPS with 6.9 grain RWS pellets and 1025 FPS with 10.5 grain Crosman Premiers. That is with the adjuster 1-1/6 turn back from full compression while the gun is cocked. It starts shooting at full power and drops about 15 FPS with each shot. It will be shipped with the adjuster set 6 full turns back from full compression. This produces a well-balanced 25 shot string. The chrony results below were produced at this setting. I use two different pellets throughout the string so you can see what muzzle velocity is produced with different weights. The starting pressure was about 2300 PSI. I stopped testing when two consecutive shots fell below 1000 FPS. The lighter pellets balance perfectly over the first 15 shots with a variance of only 17 FPS. The velocity stays above 1000 FPS for 26 shots. The heavier pellets perform even better balancing perfectly for 25 shots with a variance of 17 FPS.  

       FPS      WEIGHT

1)    1063       6.9g   RWS SUPER-H-POINT

2)      917     10.5g   CROSMAN PREMIER ULTRA MAGNUM

3)    1075       6.9g

4)    1070       6.9g

5)    1069       6.9g

6)    1079       6.9g

7)    1072       6.9g

8)    1080       6.9g

9)      938     10.5g

10)  1070       6.9g

11)  1069       6.9g

12)  1067       6.9g

13)  1066       6.9g

14)  1061       6.9g

15)  1065       6.9g

16)    930     10.5g

17)  1053       6.9g

18)  1048       6.9g

19)  1046       6.9g

20)  1038       6.9g

21)    933     10.5g

22)  1029       6.9g

23)    927     10.5g

24)    930     10.5g

25)    916     10.5g

26)  1008       6.9g

27)    998       6.9g

28)    904      10.5g    1500 PSI REMAINING