CUSTOM TRIGGER KITS & COMPLETE GROUPS for Discovery, Maximus & 2260


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 Upgrade trigger kits and complete trigger groups are listed separately, select kit or group for correct price to display.

 The complete trigger groups are pre-adjusted, ready to install and include the upgrade trigger kit. The complete group with the black anodized trigger includes a black steel safety. The other groups include an aluminum safety unless you contact me to request the black steel one instead.

 The trigger kit is available in plain or black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, 360 brass and 304 stainless steel. It's a perfect direct fit, comes with a light return spring and includes two set-screws to adjust travel in both directions. This design has the widest adjustment range of any custom trigger for these rifle models. It can be adjusted to a very short travel (hair-trigger) for lightning-fast response and greatly improved accuracy. With the thinnest trigger blade in the industry it creates a lot more room inside the trigger guard which greatly improves comfort, especially for adult sized fingers. No other trigger produces this level of comfort and performance. The ultra-thin design is extremely strong and durable, it will easily last the life of your gun. It fits all Discovery, Maximus, 1760 and 2260 models.

 The set screws fit the holes in your trigger casing perfectly, they form their own threads as you install them. They turn-in smooth and easy, this is not a difficult process. A .050 hex wrench or bit (not included) is required to install/adjust the screws. If adjusted to a short trigger pull the gun could fire unexpectedly so make sure you leave a safe striker/sear engagement and handle the gun accordingly. If you have any questions feel free to contact.

  All four versions of the trigger are exactly the same except for the material they are made of. All are far stronger and more durable than they need to be. The price of each version is different due to the cost of manufacturing them and the cost of the metals used. The harder the metal, the slower it must be machined and brass and stainless steel are much more expensive than aluminum. The aluminum were the quickest and easiest to machine so they are the least expensive. The stainless steel took the longest so they are the most expensive.