For detailed information about what type of lubricant to use, visit the LUBRICATION page on the main website.

 MAGNUM AIRPOWER LLC ® HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRGUN OIL is non-toxic and provides the highest level of wear and corrosion protection in the industry. It works exceptionally well in all temperature ranges staying fluid at -40° F and maintaining the optimal SAE 30 viscosity at the highest possible environmental temps. It has an operating range of -40° F to 500° F with a flash point of 450° F. It's available in 1 oz applicator and 4 oz wide-mouth bottles. This oil is recommended for all self-contained pump and CO2 models. It also works exceptionally well for break barrel models that require petroleum-based oil. For dual-fuel PCP/CO2 models use the silicone oil below instead.

 MAGNUM AIRPOWER LLC ® HIGH-PERFORMANCE SILICONE OIL is non-toxic and highly resistant to rapid compression autoignition. With a flash-point above 586° F and autoignition temp above 900° F it's the safest airgun oil on the market. It's an excellent compression chamber oil for break barrel models that require silicone oil. It's perfect for assembling high-pressure PCP components and can be periodically added through the fill nipple for maintenance. It's more resistant to dieseling than Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil. It's actually a higher grade of the same oil produced by the same manufacturer. It can be removed with acetone or isopropyl alcohol.

 The PRECISION APPLICATOR PEN has a machined aluminum housing with stainless steel and brass components. It's sealed with nitrile o-rings. It's excellent quality, reliable and durable. It can be filled with any oil that will flow freely. It's perfect for the airgun oils I have listed which also work well for the other purposes mentioned below.

  • COMMON USES: To accurately apply oil in precise amounts to small or hard to reach parts and spaces. Perfect for airguns, firearms, fishing reels, tools, and machinery.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 6" Long and holds up to .5 oz or 15 ml. Fill cap and protective cap screw-on securely to avoid leakage.
  • HOW IT WORKS: A tapered brass plug in the tip of the needle opens when you push the plunger on the fill cap. The oil will begin to flow slowly and form a droplet if you don't start spreading it first. Releasing the plunger immediately stops oil flow. The oil reservoir and needle applicator seal air-tight, you may have to unscrew the filler cap periodically to let air in if a vacuum forms and stops the flow of oil.

 The PRECISION APPLICATOR BOTTLE is a quick way to apply oil exactly where you need it. It can also hold bore cleaner to wet cleaning patches. This is the most durable version I have been able to find and it works exceptionally well. It holds up to 1 oz or 30 ml and is 3.625" tall by 1.187" diameter. It is easy to refill and has a leak-proof cap that actually works well.

 The WIDE-MOUTH BOTTLE is heavy-duty and leak-proof. It holds 4 oz and is 4" tall by 2" diameter. I commonly use these for bore cleaner, bluing solution and other chemicals.