All of these kits are for models with or upgraded to a steel breech. Some screw kits are listed in two versions, alloy-steel and stainless steel. The alloy are black oxide and hex socket, the stainless are a mix of Torx and hex socket. Many are very difficult to find sizes. These are the most precise-fitting screw kits available anywhere. Upgrade inner breech screws and valve screws are not included but are listed separately. Hex wrenches and Torx bits are listed separately. Driver sizes for these screws are listed at the bottom below.

 13XX KITS: These kits include a shorter 1/4" rear trigger frame screw and spacer washers for the rear breech screw. The alloy-steel version includes two rear breech screws. One is standard 3/4" length to fit the standard steel breech and tube plug. The other is 11/16" length. The longer screw will fit with the Magnum Adjuster if you use both included washers but the head will stick up high enough to interfere with mounting Crosman LPA and Williams rear sights. The shorter screw will fit the adjuster with only one washer and fits with all rear sights. The stainless kits do not include a shorter 11/16" screw, nobody currently manufactures one in that length. If not using a Magnum Adjuster the washers should be left off and the 3/4" screw should be used.

 The kit in the second photo includes the 11/16" and 1/4" screws and one washer, it's listed as the Magnum Adjuster Mounting Kit. 

 Forearm screws for the 1300KT, P1377 and P1322 are included, these will not be needed for models that use pins to mount the forearm.

 MAXIMUS KITS: These include a 1" stock screw for the original plastic stock. Discovery & 2260 wood stocks require a 5/8" stock screw, some need a 3/4" screw. If using one of these stocks on your Maximus buy the Discovery / 2260 kit. The stock screw length is the only difference between the two kits.

 PISTOL KITS: The pistol versions have smaller grip-screw head diameters. The screws for the stock in the carbine kit are too wide to fit pistol grips.

 RIFLE KITS: The Discovery, Maximus and 2260 versions include a 3/8" rear trigger frame screw. That is necessary for mounting a Magnum Adjuster but fits without one as well.

 STAINLESS KITS: These kits are a mix of hex and Torx drive screws. The screws are Torx drive unless otherwise stated below. The pistol kits have a Torx grip screw, the carbine kit is hex instead. The trigger frame cover screws are hex socket.


1/16  Trigger frame cover screws.

5/64  Grip, 1399 stock, 13XX & 22XX forearm and set screws.

3/32  Rear breech and trigger frame screws.

5/32  Discovery, Maximus & 2260 stock screw.


T8     Custom inner breech screw

T10   Grip, stock, 13XX forearm and custom valve screws for Maximus, 22XX and PCP pistols.

T20   Rear breech, trigger frame and 22XX forearm scews.

T25   Custom Discovery valve screws

T27   Discovery, Maximus & 2260 stock screws.