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 This is the newest version of the MAGNUM ADJUSTER for 13XX. It's listed in 6061-T6 aluminum, 6061-T6 anodized black and 360 brass. It has a locking collar and tick marks on the back of the knob to help gauge and maintain adjustments. The striker spring can be removed by backing the adjuster knob all the way out. These fit all of the hammer springs I have listed. They perfectly fit 1377C, 1322C, PC77, P1377, P1322, 2289G Backpacker and 1300KT models.

 For the best accuracy, back off the striker spring tension to the minimum needed for the gun to fire well. This also lightens trigger pull and reduces wear on trigger group, valve and striker components.

 Includes two types of mounting screws and two spacer washers. The original screws are a poor fit, hit the threads on the adjuster knob and have weak threads at tip. Two washers are needed for the provided 3/4" Phillips drive screw. With the washers the head will stick up high enough to interfere with some sights and scope rings. The 11/16" socket screw only requires one washer and has a shorter head so it won't interfere. The 1/4" Phillips and socket screws don't require a washer. Use the screw set that fit's your gun the best.

 Due to the small diameter these 13XX adjusters only allow about two full threads of mounting screw engagement. Due to this limited engagement, the screws should be snugged down firmly but not torqued hard. The threads are pretty tough but will strip if you tighten them too much. A tiny amount of medium-strength threadlocker can be used on the first few threads to make sure they won't loosen but remain removable. I haven't had any complaints about damaged threads and haven't had any issues with my own builds. There are some who tend to over-tighten small screws so I figured it was a good idea to give some directions in this case.