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Fits 2240, 2300T, 2300S and 2300KT.

Fits 2250 and 2400KT with no forearm.

Fits all 2260 variants if you shorten the stock.

 This 2240 tube has side valve-screw holes added. It's 8-3/8" long, basically the same tube as 2300T, 2300S and 2300KT but with stamped lettering. It fits the CUSTOM VALVE SCREWS FOR PCP we have listed. With a correctly-fitting fill adapter and all three custom valve screws properly installed it's safe for up to 3000 PSI. A small section of the stamped lettering is on the pressurized part of the tube. In spite of rampant paranoia expressed on the airgun forums and spread by a few in the industry who haven't tested these tubes to failure, this does not create a safety issue. The failure point is still well over 9000 PSI which is comfortably within the standard 3:1 safety ratio widely accepted in the airgun industry.

 IMPORTANT :  Some fill adapters don't fit some tube threads tight enough to be safe for bulk-fill or PCP purposes. Some tubes are finished with a grinding process that reduces the wall thickness, these are not always safe (the ground version of the 2260 MB tube is a known example) for high-pressure applications. It's critical to check the fit of the threads and wall thickness of the tube before using any adapter and tube combo. If it fits too loose don't use it. If you're not sure seek professional assistance. The adapter can start threading easily or on the tighter side but either way should fit snug, thread-in with some resistance and not wiggle at all once it's about half-way in. We suggest using our custom fill adapters which are produced with over-sized threads to fit tighter, they are more likely to fit too tight than too loose. Even those should be checked before use to make sure of a safe fit. If you buy a tube and fill adapter together we will check to make sure the parts fit correctly before shipping. Otherwise you are responsible for making sure the parts you use fit together safely.

 Parts can be sent to us for inspection, we have a listing for that service titled FILL ADAPTER FIT INSPECTION. Any tube and fill adapter combo can be shipped to us for inspection. You simply add the service to your cart, select the return shipping service you prefer at checkout and after the order is complete ship your parts to us at the address on our contact page. The tube wall thickness and condition of the threads on both parts will be checked along with how well they fit together.

 As it says in the listings for our custom fill adapters, Crosman tube threads vary (by as much as .010") which causes fill adapters to fit snug in some tubes and loose in others. For safety we have the threads on our custom adapters machined a little over-sized. This causes our adapters to fit snug in most tubes, extremely tight in some but rarely loose. The threads in many 22XX tubes like 2240, 2300KT, 2400KT 2250, 2260 and 2260 MB often fit as tight or tighter than with Discovery, Maximus, Marauder Pistol and other PCP models. What this means is any tube can have loose-fitting threads. Many have produced fill adapter threads using a standard die or by machining to standard 13/16" - 28 specs and assume they will fit safely. This is often not the case, threads to those specs will generally fit Crosman tubes loosely and often dangerously loose for PCP purposes. Discovery fill adapters made from stainless steel and the aluminum variation original to PCP pistols like Marauder Pistol and 1701P generally fit well but not always. Our custom adapters are generally the safest fit.

These are Crosman tubes modified and re-worked to fit and perform perfectly as PCP tubes. A lot of work goes into each tube, they are time-consuming to produce. The hammer-pin slot is deburred and polished for smooth function, the position of the hole for the valve port is checked and adjusted if necessary, the outside is burnished with a fine oiled brush to enhance the look and produce a softer feel and the entire inside length is deburred and polished to ensure smooth function, perfect fit and a reliable seal for all internal components. The outside surface may have slight scratches and marks from the Crosman factory, machining, reworking and handling but nothing significant, all of them look nice overall.