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 This adjustable trigger spring is a genuine Crosman Custom Shop part made of solid brass with a plated steel spring. It's adjustable from about 1-6 lbs of trigger pull. With standard factory models you should be able to get a trigger pull as light as 2-3 lbs. 1-2 Lbs with models like the 2300S and 2300T that have a very light hammer springs. Hammer spring tension has a lot of affect on trigger pull. Heavier hammer spring tension increases trigger pull because added force on the striker holds the sear in place tighter. For the best accuracy, striker force should be reduced to the minimum needed to produce the desired FPS.

 The spring should be positioned as shown in the last photo with the spring-wire end lightly touching the side of the sear. This keeps it in place on the sear where it doesn't touch the trigger frame or cover and works perfectly smooth.