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As shown in the photos, this rifle has a SIG SAUER ROMEO 5 RED DOT SIGHT mounted on it that we used to chrony-test it. It's zeroed for 10 yards and ready to shoot. If you want the gun for a lower price without the ROMEO 5 you can select that option from the drop-down menu. It's not an airgun sight, it's a firearm sight that's very durable, reliable and accurate. This gun is capable of same-hole accuracy at 10 yards and that was achieved consistently during chrony-testing.

 This custom Crosman 362 is loaded with our custom parts and fully-tuned for more power, easier function, excellent accuracy and nearly silent firing. It's has no muzzle blast, all you hear is the hammer click against the valve-stem and the pellet hit the target. It's very powerful for a variable-pump producing over 21 FPE with a 25.39 grain JSB pellet and over 875 FPS with a 10.03 grain H&N. The first set of chrony-tests with this gun set up for maximum power produced 875.4 FPS/17.07 FPE with a 10.03 grain H&N lead-free pellet, 762.2 FPS/18.45 FPE with a 14.3 grain Crosman Premier lead pellet and 613.6 FPS/21.23 FPE with a 25.39 grain JSB Monster pellet, all at twelve pumps with the included .045 WD hammer spring at the recommended power adjustment. For easier pumping and shooting at lower power levels, two other hammer springs are included and must be used to prevent damage to the gun, these can be changed easily and quickly as explained further down this page. Due to the longer piston-stroke, a high-volume of air is compressed into the valve with each pump compared to a standard 13XX pistol or carbine. This causes more dramatic pressure increases with each pump that require stronger hammer springs to empty the valve as the pressure increases and weaker springs to prevent damage to the gun at lower pressures. If too strong of a hammer spring or too much adjuster tension is used, the hammer pin will hit the end of the tube and breech slots and be damaged or break-off. This also happens with the factory hammer pins so keep that in mind if you're planning to modify your factory 362. Please read the complete description below, we take returns on parts and airguns but will subtract the cost of damage and repairs you cause from your refund.

 The tube was modified to work with the included custom notched hammer for 13XX, allowing it to be removed and installed without taking the threaded cocking-pin out. Our notched hammer also allowed for the Maximus steel breech to be mounted which has the internal breech screw located under the bolt where it doesn't interfere with the pellet sliding forward. The tube mods can be seen in photo 6 including the second threaded hole that was added to mount the Maximus breech.

 It has our Magnum Cup-Seal Valve for 13XX which produces easier pumping and more power.

 The stock was modified to fit our custom brass 13XX Magnum Adjuster which allows the hammer springs to be easily changed by simply removing the adjuster knob. All three of our hammer springs are included so you can set the gun up for the specific performance you want based on the chrony-test results posted below. Tick-marks on the back of the knob help keep track of the number of turns so it can easily be adjusted to the correct setting for the spring you're using. One of the marks is filled with black paint to use as a starting point when the hammer-spring is fully compressed.

 The pivot-pin for the pump lever is upgraded to a custom tool-steel solid pin that's held in place by the front barrel-mount, that pin simply slides out with the mount removed and the lever open.

The piston-pin is upgraded to our custom tool-steel version that's radiused on the ends to match the contour of the pump-tube and polished for smooth operation and reduced wear.

 The custom bolt and handle are made of high-strength heat-treated 410 stainless steel which is extremely durable and works smooth with our heavy .045 WD hammer spring. The bolt has a long nose/probe to push the pellet further past the barrel port for increased FPS and improved shot-to-shot consistency.

 The barrel is upgraded to 26" over the original 21" for more FPS with less pumping. It's fully re-worked for smoother loading and improved accuracy with a deburred and polished leade, transfer port and crown.

The valve and barrel ports are .150" ID to match the custom transfer port, this increases FPS with heavier ammo without lowering the velocity of lighter projectiles.

 Our self-centering Magnum Airgun Silencer makes this a very quiet, backyard-friendly hunter/plinker and eliminates pellet-clipping so there's no need to shim or adjust the silencer in any way. If you loosen the screws the suppressor can be pushed back onto the barrel up to 4" reducing the length by the same amount. The more you move the suppressor back the louder the gun gets, but even moving it 3" back is still very quiet. More info on this silencer can be read in the listing for that part.

  The Plano Protector Series extra-large rifle case shown in the photos is included and is necessary to ship the gun safely.

 We don't recommend more than 10-11 pumps for regular shooting and an occasional 12 pumps if you really need the maximum power. At 11 pumps the pump-assembly parts are close to their design limitations and the cup seal is near the point where it stops generating a significant increase in FPS with additional pumps. At 12 pumps it's bordering on overstressing the pivot points of the lever and tube but does gain a little more power, to do this regularly will cause accelerated wear on the pivot points, valve and pumping beyond that will cause the valve to fail to empty and power loss.

 The lubrication directions for variable-pump guns posted on our main website (in the TECHNICAL INFO section on the LUBRICATION page) should be followed to keep it performing well, reduce wear and extend the life of the seals.

 The following chrony-test results show how this rifle performs with different ammo weights at different pump counts with each of the three included hammer springs. The stronger springs should not be used with lower pump counts, this can cause the cocking pin on the hammer to hit the end of the tube and breech slots which can damage the pin or break it off if done repeatedly. If maximum power is needed the .045 spring can be used at 10-12 pumps, lower pump counts for that spring could damage the hammer pin. For 6-10 pumps the .042 spring works the best, it produces a little more power and operates smoother and more consistently than the factory spring. The .038 spring works best for 2-6 pumps, it's easy to cock and produces plenty of power for most practical purposes making this an easy rifle to use for people who can't (or prefer not to) pump more than 2-6 times. More than 6 pumps will cause the valve to retain air after firing which if dome enough can produce a second shot without additional pumping being needed. We don't recommend experimenting with multiple shots in this fashion with either of the stronger springs, damage to the hammer pin could occur. The "turns back" mentioned below refer to the number of turns back on the hammer-spring adjustment knob from where the spring is fully-compressed with the hammer cocked all the way back. More turns back will lower the hammer-spring tension and may not empty the valve fully, fewer turns back may cause the hammer pin to hit the end of the tube and breech slots at lower pump counts. Ammo weight of around 25 grains is where this rifle peaks in the amount of FPE it can produce. If less penetration is desired, heavier pellets like the 33.95 grain JSB Beast can be used at closer ranges, otherwise pellets of 18-25 grains will produce the best balance of FPS and FPE where maximum power is needed. Excellent accuracy was produced with all of the ammo used in the following tests but the heavier the ammo the tighter the groups were at medium and high power levels. Same-hole accuracy was easily achieved with the 25.39 and 33.95 grain at the highest power levels and with 10.03 and 14.3 grain at mid and low power levels. The 10.03 grain grouped the worst at 870-875 FPS, about 1/4" at 10 yards with an occasional flyer.

.045' WD spring, 2 turns back, 12 pumps: 10.03 grain H&N        875.4 FPS / 17.07 FPE
                                                                           14.3 grain Crosman  762.2 FPS / 18.45 FPE
                                                                           25.39 grain JSB         613.6 FPS / 21.23 FPE
                                                                           35.95 grain JSB         528.2 FPS / 21.64 FPE 

                                                        11 pumps: 25.39 grain JSB         600.8 FPS / 20.36 FPE
                                                                           33.95 grain JSB         525.8 FPS / 21.46 FPE

                                                       10 pumps:  25.39 grain JSB         581.4 FPS / 19.06 FPE
                                                                           33.95 grain JSB         502.6 FPS / 19.61 FPE

.042" WD spring, 4 turns back, 10 pumps: 10.03 grain H&N        832.9 FPS / 15.45 FPE
                                                                            14.3  grain Crosman 735.0 FPS / 17.16 FPE
                                                                            25.39 grain JSB         581.9 FPS / 19.06 FPE
                                                                            35.95 grain JSB         502.6 FPS / 19.61 FPE

.038" WD spring, 4 turns back: 10.03 grain H&N: 2 pumps 440.8 FPS / 4.33 FPE
                                                                                       3 pumps 533.2 FPS / 6.33 FPE
                                                                                       4 pumps 610.1 FPS / 8.29 FPE

                                                  14.3 grain Crosman: 4 pumps 506.2 FPS / 8.14 FPE
                                                                                       6 pumps 607.1 FPS / 11.71 FPE

 We offer servicing and repair for all of the guns we sell. All guns and custom parts are guaranteed to be free of functional defects when received or we will repair them for free and pay shipping both ways. We are not responsible for normal wear or damage caused by misuse or abuse.