CUSTOM VALVE-SCREW KIT for Benjamin Maximus and Fortitude Gen 1 & 2


These are a direct fit for all Benjamin Maximus and Fortitude models.

They do not fit Discovery rifle, we have custom screws listed for that model.

These screws fit the holes in the tube better for improved valve alignment. They have a lower head profile to fit better with custom trigger groups and stocks.

Maximus models only have two valve screws, one on each side, instead of three screws like most Crosman/Benjamin PCP models. The safe operating pressure using these custom screws is 2500 PSI. Because the screws are located in the stronger side positions (bottom screw on other models is weaker due to an extra hole close behind it) up to 2500 PSI is safe. The side screw positions can handle about 150 PSI more each than the bottom screw. The Maximus valve-stem should be upgraded to a Marauder stem if using more than 2000 PSI, we have Marauder stems listed.

Fortitude models also only have two valve screws but it can handle up to 3300 PSI. This is because the two front breech screws thread through the tube and directly into the valve to reinforce it.

These screws are 410 stainless steel heat treated to meet metric class 12.9 with a specified hardness of HRc 39-43. The approximate tensile strength is 185,000 PSI. The head diameter is .270" which is just slightly larger than the factory screws at .269", the head thickness is .065" which is shorter than the factory screw at .285" and the threads are 8-32 x 3/16".