These screws are designed by Magnum Airpower LLC and custom manufactured. They are Torx-drive and made of high-strength heat treated 410 stainless steel. They have a slightly larger head diameter that fits the holes in the tube better. They have a lower profile to fit better with custom stocks. They are the same length and thread size as the OEM screws so they are a direct replacement with no modifications to your gun. They will safely handle operating pressures up to 2400 PSI for increased shot count and/or power. A stronger striker spring may also be needed to gain more power. The compact power adjuster I have listed is a comfortable fit with all Maximus models. To use that adjuster you will also need one of the striker springs I have listed, the Maximus spring doesn't fit the adjuster. The Magnum Hammer Spring we have listed works best, the .045 version. All of the other PCP components can safely handle up to 3000 PSI. It only has two valve screws, this is what limits it to lower pressure. All other Crosman/Benjamin PCP models have three valve screws. Contact us if you have any questions, making modifications to your airgun can be dangerous if not done correctly. Empty all air or CO2 pressure from your airgun before installing these screws or a fatal injury could occur. 

 These are 410 stainless steel heat treated to meet metric class 12.9 with a specified hardness of HRc 39-43. The approximate tensile strength is in the 177,000 - 196,000 PSI range.

  A T10 Torx bit is included with each order. Do not over-tighten the screws, they should be hand-tight using a driver handle. Using a wrench or ratchet can damage the threads in your valve.