The current version of this sleeve has a smaller diameter at one end that fits into the back of our custom Magnum Hammers. The older version tends to get stuck in the back of our custom hammers but fits the standard Crosman hammers. If your older sleeve gets stuck it can be removed by pulling the bolt back and wiggling the sleeve out.

 This degassing sleeve is made of aluminum and fits all versions of the Magnum Adjuster and custom Magnum Hammers. The second photo shows how it mounts on the adjuster in place of the hammer spring. The adjuster knob/guide-screw backs out to remove the hammer spring, then you put the sleeve on and thread it back in to degas. Count the number of turns when you remove the knob so you don't lose your adjustment position. Make sure the hammer is in front of the sear, not in the cocked position. Holding the trigger in while you tighten the adjuster will make sure the hammer isn't engaged with the sear.