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POSTED 8/31/21

This is the newest version produced by BENJAMIN OUTDOORS, it's the exact same band as the earlier versions except it's painted black instead of nitride like the original or black chromate like the last version.

This is a genuine Benjamin Discovery / Maximus barrel band. It's painted black and made of a 70% steel alloy with %30 zinc which prevents rust. Both models in both calibers use the same part number. Adding an extra barrel band near the front of the pressure tube stabilizes the barrel for improved durability and accuracy.

 It will also fit 2240, 2260, 2300T, 2300S and Crosman Custom Shop 2300KT. On plastic breech models the barrel band sits too low causing the barrel to angle down towards the front of the tube. Steel breech models often have this same issue. Using a Discovery barrel band will lift the barrel slightly higher to be more square with the tube. It does not have a mounting tab for use with the forearm on the 2250B and 2400KT but works great if you want to eliminate the forearm on those models.