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This is the same steel breech original to Discovery and Maximus models. It requires a notched hammer to allow clearance for the mounting screw hidden under the bolt. That screw position doesn't interfere with the pellet sliding forward. To access that screw, install with the end-cap removed from the tube and the bolt handle off so the bolt can be pushed back far enough. It has a full-length rail for mounting sights and scopes, the rail fits most rings and mounts for 3/8" and 11mm. It fits 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300T, 2300S, 2300KT and 2400KT. This breech does not fit 13XX models unless you install our Custom Notched Hammer for 13XX and drill/tap the mounting-screw hole on the tube in the correct location, the listing for that hammer explains where to drill and what thread-size the hole needs to be.

 All Crosman/Benjamin steel breeches require a 3/4" long rear breech screw. The 13/16" screws that are standard on plastic breech models are too long for a steel breech. The longer screw can damage the hammer spring or prevent it from working correctly. It will also hit the threads on the adjustment knob of our custom Magnum Adjusters. For 13XX models our Magnum Adjusters include screws for the breech and trigger frame that fit correctly, we have spare screw kits for those listed in our UPGRADE SCREW KIT listing.

 The standard rear sight original to plastic breech models does not fit any of the steel breeches.