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The .177 Discovery tubes are not currently available from Crosman, we don't know when or if they will be back in stock. We also don't know how long these .22 tubes will be available, Crosman/Benjamin Outdoors has a very limited quantity left and they discontinued the Discovery models.

 These are CORRECTLY-MANUFACTURED 2020 PRODUCTION Benjamin Discovery PCP tubes. After being contacted by customers and checking out the Tube Defects page on the Magnum Airpower main website, the production manager with Benjamin Outdoors contacted me. He informed me there were changes taking place, including new high-tech equipment, to fix the manufacturing issues with these tubes. Those issues had become a serious problem over the past few years and new equipment was needed, which took time to acquire and set up, so the problems could be eliminated. I recently received my first 2020 batch of the new and improved tubes and they are about as perfect as anyone could ask for! The first 50 I've checked so far align perfectly with my custom valves and original factory Discovery valves. I'm very pleased to announce they are in stock and ready to ship!