For detailed information about lubricants and how to oil your airgun refer to the LUBRICATION page in the TECHNICAL INFO section of the main website.

 HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRGUN OIL is non-toxic and provides the highest level of wear and corrosion protection in the industry. It's listed in 1/2 oz applicator bottles. It works exceptionally well in all temperature ranges staying fluid at -40° F and maintaining the optimal SAE 30 viscosity at the highest possible environmental temps. It has an operating range of -40° F to 500° F with a flash point of 450° F. This oil is recommended for all variable-pump and CO2 models. It also works exceptionally well for break barrel models that require petroleum-based oil. It should not be used in the compression chambers of PCP, HPA, dual-fuel or break barrel models that require silicone oil. For assembly and maintenance of such components use our HIGH-PERFORMANCE SILICONE OIL described below.