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 This pistol has a failure pressure in excess of 10,000 PSI, it's very safe to operate at 3,000 PSI, well within the standard safety margin widely accepted in the airgun industry. The custom valve, valve screws and fill adapter are all designed to hold much more pressure than standard Crosman PCP components. The burst disk on the fill adapter adds an extra level of safety for even more peace of mind.

 This custom 2240 PCP is most powerful compact .22 air pistol commercially available. With 10.03 grain H&N lead pellets it can produce around 1150 FPS and 29 FPE. With 33.95 grain JSB lead pellets it can produce around 730 FPS and a staggering 40 FPE. That's with the power adjuster set 2 turns back from full spring compression, this produces one full-power shot and one follow-up shot at 65-85 FPS slower. More chrony results are posted below. It's surprisingly accurate, especially with the heavier pellets. With the newest versions of our Magnum Adjuster, .045" WD hammer spring and custom hammer with a thread-in cocking pin it cocks smooth at the highest power levels. The custom-tuned 10.1" barrel is fully reworked with a polished crown. This produces easier loading and improved accuracy. The custom trigger is 360 brass. The custom trigger cover is 6061-T6 aluminum anodized black. The sear is custom with a light spring. These upgraded parts give the trigger group excellent feel and consistent performance with a trigger pull of 1-2 lbs depending on the power adjustment. The Magnum Adjuster allows fine-tuning of the hammer spring to produce maximum power for the first few shots or a balanced 7-8 shot string at lower power. It has our unique Magnum Valve which is the most efficient and powerful small-bore valve on the market. Other upgrades include a Crosman Custom Shop steel breech, custom Torx-drive inner breech screw, LPA rear sight, custom teat-treated long-nose stainless steel bolt and handle combo, custom fill adapter with 4000 PSI gauge and 5K burst disk, upgrade polymer grips, widely-adjustable 1701P front sight with shortened sight blade, steel-alloy Discovery barrel band and it's assembled with upgrade alloy-steel hex socket screws. This pellet-pistol is very solidly built, smooth loading, smooth shooting, extremely powerful and accurate.

 This gun is fully customized and converted to PCP. It requires a high-pressure hand pump, 4500 PSI HPA/scuba tank or a PCP/paintball compressor to fill it from. The safe fill-pressure for the pistol is 3000 PSI. It can also be filled with CO2 from a paintball tank or filling station.

 For maintenance a drop of our Magnum Airpower HIGH-PERFORMANCE SILICONE AIRGUN OIL should be added directly into the fill nipple (2 drops) about every 100 fills. Use our SILICONE oil only, not the other airgun oil we have listed. Filling and maintenance instructions are included with purchase.

  Chrony results with the adjuster set 2.25 turns back from full hammer-spring compression with the bolt cocked :

1) 1051 FPS    10.03 grain pellet      24.61 FPE   starting pressure 3000 PSI

2) 968.2                                           20.88          pressure before second shot 2200 PSI

1)  698.4 FPS  33.956 grain pellet  36.79 FPE  3000 PSI

2)  632.9                                          30.21          2300 PSI

  Adjuster set 6 turns back :

1) 867.3 FPS    10.03 grain              16.76 FPE   3000 PSI

2) 910.8

3) 960.3

4) 974.4                                            21.15 FPE

5) 966.8

6) 943.4

7) 907.5

8) 852.4                                            16.19 FPE

 Adjuster set 5.5 turns back :

1) 610.7 FPS    25.39 grain               21.03 FPE

2) 650.7

3) 687.5

4) 710.1                                             28.43 FPE

5) 693.4

6) 655.3

7) 601.5                                             20.40 FPE

1) 534.9 FPS 33.956 grain                21.58 FPE

2) 566.1

3) 597.8

4) 628.6                                             29.80 FPE

5) 623.8

6) 588.6

7) 537.7                                             21.80 FPE