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  This model is undergoing some changes. The new version will be in stock soon with new photos.

 This custom Discovery is the most powerful .22 airgun commercially available. It also has the highest shot count being able to mount a 90 cubic inch tank. I designed the Magnum Tank Adapter and Magnum Valve specifically for this model. The photos really don't do it any justice, this is an extremely good looking gun that's very comfortable to shoot. It's on the heavier side, depending on tank size and barrel length it weighs anywhere from 8-11 lbs. The laminated stock and carbon-fiber tank balance pretty well keeping it from being too front-heavy. With a 26" barrel it can produce 37 to 62 FPE with 10.0 to 33.9 grain ammo. Shorter barrels produce less FPS, will post chrony results with shorter barrels soon. The gun in the photo has a 10" tube and 14.6" barrel.

 The laminated thumb-hole stock makes it very stable and comfortable to shoot. The barrel has a deburred and polished crown, transfer port and leade for easier loading and improved accuracy. The custom brass trigger kit eliminates unnecessary travel and lightens pull to about 2 lbs. It has a wide-bore gauge port, stainless-steel extension, 3500 PSI gauge, compact Magnum Adjuster with locking collar, ported muzzle-brake and the entire gun is assembled with high-strength alloy screws for strength and stability. It's operates at 3200-3300 PSI with an unregulated tank. It's also available with a tank regulated to around 2900 PSI.

 26" Barrel versions produce numbers comparable to the ones posted below:


3200   10.03 g    1288    36.9

3200   14.3 g      1142     41.4

3200   18.21 g    1086     47.7

3200   25.39 g    1000    56.3

3200   33.95 g     905     61.7

 Test results with shorter barrels will be added soon.