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 This model is undergoing some changes. The new version will be in stock soon with new photos.

 This custom Discovery is the most powerful .22 airgun commercially available. At full power it can produce 62+ FPE with heavy ammo. It's loaded with custom parts and tuned for top performance. It's 42.6" long and weighs 6 lbs. 2 oz. without a scope or sights.

 The laminated thumb-hole stock makes it very stable and comfortable to shoot. The 26" barrel has a deburred and polished crown, transfer port and leade for easier loading and improved accuracy. The custom brass trigger kit eliminates unnecessary travel and lightens pull to about 2 lbs. The Magnum Valve produces 37 to 62 FPE at full power with 10.0  to 33.9 grain pellets. It has a wide-bore gauge port, stainless-steel extension, 3500 PSI gauge, custom fill-adapter with thread-on cap, Compact Magnum Adjuster with locking collar, ported muzzle-brake and the entire gun is assembled with upgrade screws for added strength and stability.

 It's modified to operate at 3200-3300 PSI. I personally use up to 3500 PSI while actively shooting but that's just outside the standard 3:1 safety ratio so I can't recommend it. I only mention this to point out that 3200-3300 is safe, I use a lot more than that and have been for many years. I need to know the parts and guns I sell are safe. I push them to the absolute limit to make sure they're safe at the pressures I state they are.

 The fallowing chrony numbers were produced with the adjuster set two turns back from full spring compression with the bolt cocked. This is the maximum power level starting at 3200 PSI.


3200   10.03 g    1288    36.9

3200   14.3 g      1142     41.4

3200   18.21 g    1086     47.7

3200   25.39 g    1000    56.3

3200   33.95 g     905     61.7

 The following chrony results were with the adjuster 3.5 turns back from full spring compression and a starting pressure of 3200 PSI.

1)    817  FPS    33.95 g    50  FPE

2)    833

3)    837

4)    843

5)    845

6)    850

7)    853                             54  FPE

8)    849

9)    838

10)  824

11)  816                            50   FPE