MAGNUM HAMMER SPRING for 13XX .038" wire diameter

$6.50 $5.30

 This custom spring is 1.5" long and .038" wire diameter. The ends are squared and ground flat to compress straight. It produces more power, better shot consistency and less hammer bounce for 13XX models. It's also the strongest spring you can use without damaging the gun. It fits 1377, 1322, 1300KT, PC77 and 2289G Backpacker. The power adjusters I have listed for 13XX are highly recommended. They allow you to fine-tune spring tension for the best balance of performance, accuracy and efficiency.

 The more striker spring tension you have the harder it becomes to pull back the bolt. It will pull back easier with your finger hooked around the front of the handle close to the breech. It usually works the smoothest when done in one quick motion. More striker spring tension also increases trigger pull. Custom trigger, sear pin and spring upgrades are listed that reduce pull, increase comfort and accuracy.