For detailed information about lubricants and how to oil your airgun refer to the LUBRICATION page in the TECHNICAL INFO section of the main website.

 MAGNUM AIRPOWER HIGH-PERFORMANCE SILICONE OIL  is non-toxic and highly resistant to rapid compression autoignition or "dieseling" as it's commonly known. With a flash-point above 586° F and autoignition temp above 900° F it's the safest on the market. It's an excellent compression chamber oil for break barrel models (spring piston, gas piston, Nitro Piston and gas ram) that require silicone oil. It's perfect for assembling high-pressure PCP components and can be periodically added through the fill nipple of PCP guns to reduce corrosion and wear. It's perfect for PCP hand pumps that require silicone oil. Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil (RMCOIL) is recommended by Crosman for their PCP guns. Our oil is a safer high-performance version. Both are dimethyl, phenylmethyl siloxane, trimethyl-terminated. Our's has a higher phenyl content which gives it a much higher flash point, better thermal stability and it's more hydrophobic to better prevent corrosion. This oil is only available from industrial suppliers for $400 per gallon and up. We list these 1/2 oz bottles at a very small markup to make it affordable for most. It has a viscosity equal to SAE 30, resists thickening in cold temps and thinning in hot.